Accommodation and Rooms

The hostel is divided into 3 levels surrounding a central courtyard. Ground floor rooms are accessed via patio; and 2nd and 3rd level rooms are accessed via stairs leading to outdoor hallways. All rooms feature full en suite bathroom facilities and free Wi-Fi access. Rooms also come with a fridge and lockers for your security. Bed linen is provided so you will not need to bring any sleeping bags or personal blankets. Continental breakfast is included in all room rates: toast, varieties of cereals, pancake mix, juices etc.

If you need a place to store ski gear or bikes or anything that will not fit in the room or you do not need in the room, we do have a large storage room, simply ask front desk.

You will also find a game room and washroom next to the lobby. Inside the lobby, we have a TV room, iPod dock, couches and tables, 24h access to computers, news boards, vending machines. Downstairs we have a fully equipped kitchen and dining room.

We currently have the following room types available:

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Banff International Hostel courtyardBanff International Hostel View

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