Types of Jobs and Wages

General guideline for wage expectations for various types of jobs in Banff and area.

Day Jobs

Working in restaurant

Front Desk/Reservations: Expect to get $12.20 to $15 per hour for these positions.
Housekeeping: Expect to get $12.20 to $15 per hour for these positions.
Retail: Expect between $12.20 and $16 per hour in most retail stores.
Serving: Wage for servers is between $12.20 per hour plus tips, although be prepared for day time tips to be less than those for evening/night shifts.


Night Jobs

Serving: Expect to get between $12.20 per hour plus tips for a serving position.
Bar Tending: Expect $12.20 per hour for these positions in addition to tips.
Night Audit: You’re working an over-night shift so wages tend to be a little higher than front desk positions at around $13 to $17 per hour. But you do have more responsibilities as well.

Ski Jobs

If you love to ski then working the ski hills is a great option for you in winter. Wages generally start at $12.20 per hour and positions come with lots of perks such as discounted meals and reduced transport to the ski fields.

Working in a ski station

There are three hills in the area:




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