Types of Jobs and Wages

General guideline for wage expectations for various types of jobs in Banff and the surrounding area.

Day Jobs

Working in restaurant

Front Desk/Reservations: Expect to get $15 to $17 per hour for these positions.
Housekeeping: Expect to get $15 to $17 per hour for these positions.
Retail: Expect between $5 and $17 per hour in most retail stores.
Serving: Wage for servers is between $15 per hour plus tips, although be prepared for day time tips to be less than those for evening/night shifts.


Night Jobs

Serving: Expect to get between $15 per hour plus tips for a serving position.
Bar Tending: Expect $15 per hour for these positions in addition to tips.
Night Audit: You’re working an over-night shift so wages tend to be a little higher than front desk positions at around $16 to $18 per hour. But you do have more responsibilities as well.

Ski Jobs

If you love to ski then working the ski hills is a great option for you in winter. Wages generally start at $15 per hour and positions come with lots of perks such as discounted meals and free ski passes for the season. Each ski hill has various jobs available from Lift Operators, Kitchen Jobs, Serving and Bartending to Ski Instructors and Ski Patrol and everything in between.

Working in a ski station

There are three hills in the area:



Summer Jobs

Summer time is the busiest season of the year and this is when there are the most amount of jobs available. As well as there being more employment available in all of the hotels and retail shops there are a range of employers that hire just for the summer season. Parks Canada & Town of Banff hire seasonal workers to cover the summer months when the campsites open and the town requires more general maintenance although there is usually more competition for these jobs as they usually offer good starting wages, benefits and overtime rates.


For for help finding a job please visit the Job Resource Centre.

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For more information about wages, visit the WAGEinfo page.

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