Working in Banff

Whether you want to spend just a few months, a full season or a whole year in Banff, there are lots of opportunities for work available in and around town. There are job vacancies year round but for the most selection of seasonal positions it’s best to arrive in October to start in November/December for a winter seasonal job; or in April/May for a summer seasonal job. Whenever you are arriving, the biggest thing to remember is to make sure you have packed at least one outfit that will be appropriate for meeting prospective employers and attending interviews.

Working in Banff

Types of Jobs and Wages

Banff has lots of jobs available in many industries, but the hospitality industry is the biggest employer. Before deciding on what type of job to apply for ask yourself why are you looking for work. Is it to make more money for traveling? To gain experience or career advancement? A job to pay the bills while you enjoy all Banff has to offer? Answering why will give you some ideas as to which job types you want to apply for and if it will fit into the Banff experience you are looking for.
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Where to look for a job:

There are a lot of resources available around Banff to help your search go as smoothly as possible. With a little perseverance and effort, you can find the job that’s perfect for you!
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While you’re searching for work and accommodation, we offer competitive weekly and monthly rates in our dorm rooms. Ask our front desk staff!

Once you’ve found that perfect job, the next step is to secure yourself somewhere to live. Many employers offer staff accommodation which is typically a shared room with at least one other person. It can cost around $10-20 per day and may include at least one meal. Expect to be sharing a room with at least one other person when in staff accommodation though.

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